About Me

I have more than 30 years experience evaluating and formulating state-level education policy in California.  My experience includes positions with the non-partisan Office of the Legislative Analyst for the California State Legislature, the California School Employees Association, the California School Boards Association, and, most recently, serving as the Chief Consultant to the California State Assembly Education Committee, from which I retired in late 2018.  During this time, I have dealt with nearly every aspect of K-12 education policy, including finance; accountability; student testing; charter schools; teacher recruitment, evaluation and retention; governance; and student privacy.  My goal with this blog is to draw on my own experiences and research to provide observations and initiate conversations that I hope are insightful and maybe a little provocative and that can lead to the improvement of K-12 education policy.   Your comments are strongly encouraged.

What’s with the title, “5ivepoints.net?”  This blog covers issues at the intersection of policy, politics, and public education.  When three streets come together at the same intersection,  they form five points.